Sanctuary City Bill (SB 4) Will Cost County Taxpayers Millions Each Year


This is a Federal Issue/Responsibility and not the financial responsibility of Hidalgo County Taxpayers.

SB 4 – The Sanctuary City Bill signed by Gov. Abbott last week will have an extreme impact, not just on social policy, but will also inflict a tremendous financial burden on Hidalgo County Taxpayers. Our current county jail has beds for 1,200 inmates. We are already overcrowded and as of April 2017, there were 390 inmates being housed in ‘Out of County facilities’ which are under contract with Hidalgo County.

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Thank You To The Members of the PTSD Initiative


Members of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Initiative are pictured here with me. Thank you Dr. Gilbert Lopez and Dr. Norma Villanueva for the work you are doing in this field.

Pulido Family Gathers to Discuss Upcoming Campaign



A Small portion of the Pulido Family.:-) We had a Beautiful Sunday evening with family discussing our upcoming campaign for County Judge. Learn more about the campaign through the links and blogs on this website.  Sharing the links and talking about the issues is how YOU can help us to get our message out. You can also visit our Facebook Page to learn more about the issues and often engage in lively discussions, ask questions and add your comments and input.

Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport - Go Vote!


Voting is probably the most cherished right we as citizens have – it gives us a way to participate in our government. Less than 20% of the Registered Voters actually exercise their right to vote. To live in a society where we are free to choose who we trust to manage our schools, cities, counties and our country is a great privilege.

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New Courthouse Plagued With Serious Problems


One of the biggest projects currently in the works for Hidalgo County is the proposed new 'Taj Mahal' - i.e. County Courthouse.

Although I do agree with the need of a new Courthouse (in particular, a new Justice Center), I have many concerns about the current plans – the cost, the location and the lack of proper/competitive procurement practices.
The proposed cost is $150 Million, though there are NO architectural designs to base a cost on – there is only a conceptual rendering by ERO architects – so nothing to actually determine a cost.

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First 100 Days' Priorities - Cut Taxes & Wasteful Spending, Courthouse, Health Care .....


Quite often I'm asked what would be my priorities if elected County Judge!

My answer is simple and straightforward:
1. Cut Current wasteful spending by evaluating and reducing the budget.
2. Cut County Tax Rate as soon as constitutionally possible.
3. Re-evaluate the need, location and cost of a new courthouse.
4. Make sure that the threat of the healthcare district tax is never brought before the taxpayers again and that the indigent health care program is adequately funded.

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Pulido Keynote Speaker at Weslaco High School JROTC Military Ball






We had an amazing time at the Weslaco High School JROTC Military Ball. Thank you to Staff Sergeant Miguel Guerrerro and Master Sergeant Mario Gonzalez - Senior Army instructors. Congratulations to all the awards recipients.

Pulido Calls Upon VA for County Level Health Care For Veteran's


For the decades since the Vietnam War, the Veteran’s Administration has failed our Veterans. This bureaucratic monster has probably caused the loss of more lives than it has saved. This dysfunctional health care delivery system for veterans is so riddled with political bureaucrats that care more about their paycheck and political payback that they forget that people’s lives hang in the balance.

It is time for our Congress to dismantle this bureaucracy and let the states handle the issues with which our veterans are having to deal. (Medical, employment, housing, psychological, etc…)

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TBT - 1996 RGV Get Out The Vote Swing


TBT  - Hidalgo County Clerk Eloy Pulido and Cameron County Clerk Joe G Rivera along with Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. and Mrs. Bob Bullock in a 1996 "get out the vote" swing through South Texas.

Taxes Must Be Lowered - 300 Foreclosures a Year Not Acceptable


I ran into a high school friend of mine with her mom yesterday and told her that I was running for the position of Hidalgo County Judge. She quickly said that we needed to do something about the taxes that were out of control -especially for the elderly. I explained to her about how people 65 yrs and older are exempt from the penalties. But even more importantly, we definitely need to lower the County tax rate. 

What breaks my heart is that over 300 families are losing their homes every year due to tax foreclosure - in Hidalgo County alone! This is unacceptable!!