Pulido Ready to Fix Shortcomings of Outgoing Hidalgo County Judge

taxincreases.jpgFormer Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido stand's ready to solve the well publicized short comings of the current County Judge's legacy. Read the following from Advance News...
County Judge Ramon Garcia will retire…Why haven’t our taxes gone down?
By G. Romero Wendorf | Originally published February 21, 2017
Excerpts from Advance News Journal

Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia made the official announcement last week that most in the know were already expecting: he’s retiring from elected office when his term expires Dec. 31, 2018. Now comes the interesting part: how many will choose to run against him in the Democratic Party Primary next March? ...

The biggest questions the county judge perhaps leaves behind include these…

• Is building a new courthouse in downtown Edinburg (estimated cost: approximately $150 million, give or take a few $10 million added for new vendors, not counting consultants) still the right decision as opposed to re-locating it along the expressway and/or putting it to a popular vote as to whether there should even be a new courthouse vs. remodeling and/or expanding the present one?
• Despite there being an approximate 20-percent development increase countywide over the past approximate 12 years, why has the county’s tax rate not gone down?
• Despite county property appraisals going up four or five times over the past eight or nine years, with each one averaging approximately 15 percent, why have county property taxes not decreased?
• Despite the county’s budget being approximately $67 million in 2002 vs. approximately $194 million today, could a full-scale Capital Improvement Plan have been implemented over the past 15 years?
• Why did the county need to add approximately 45 new employee positions to this year’s budget?
• Is the county’s indigent health program being adequately funded?
• Could taxpayer dollars be used more wisely and more efficiently?
• If Hidalgo County has one general county budget, why do each of the four precincts need their own separate budgets? Is it to promote efficiency and cost savings to taxpayers or a means of fiefdom building for elected officials and amassing a pool of potential campaign donors?
• Should Hidalgo County road improvements and construction be put under one county road and bridge building department, overseen by the entire county commission, or remain spread among four county precinct road and bridge building teams led by their respective precinct commissioners? If the county would have its own in-house engineering firm, for example, would it save taxpayers money as opposed to dishing the engineering work out to an independent firm(s)?
• Questions, questions, questions?
• Is there a better, more efficient, more equitable way for the county’s purchasing department to grade RFPs before makings its recommendation to the county commission?

Pulido Candidacy Makes News Across Valley

 List of News Articles about Eloy Pulido for County Judgepulidocut2222navyblue.jpg

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 Former Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido confirmed last week that he appointed Manuel Chapa as his Campaign Treasurer in mid November. Since that time he has been actively campaigning for the position of Hidalgo County Judge, making him the first official candidate for the job.

Pulido has served as Hidalgo County Judge in the past and sees a lot of work to be done. “We need to lower taxes and try to recover from the runaway spending of the current administration. There are problems with the cost and location of the new courthouse and we need a clear plan for economic development in Hidalgo County.”

In the short few days since the announcement by Ramon Garcia that he would not run for reelection, Pulido’s candidacy has been covered by five of the Rio Grande Valley’s news sources: Valley Town Crier, The McAllen Monitor, The Brownsville Herald, The Pharr Advance, and The Edinburg Review.

Pulido Announces Run for County Judge



HIDALGO COUNTY, TX – Committed to public service, Eloy Pulido pledges to run for Hidalgo County Judge on his proven track record and to focus his campaign on the actual issues that affect Hidalgo County residents. Pulido says, “Our county is facing some serious issues and I'm ready to take them on.”  On November 15 of last year, Pulido filed the documents to appoint Manuel Chapa as his Campaign Treasurer and begin his campaign. Mr. Pulido will be running in the March 2018 Democratic Primary

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Oppose Hidalgo County Hospital District and Taxes

pulidoopposehospitaldistric.jpgMy position has not changed since we defeated the Hospital District in BOTH 2014 and 2016. We must continue to oppose all efforts to create a Hospital District in our County! We need to use Tobacco Settlement money to fund health care services for Hidalgo County!

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Hidalgo Voting Machine Folly Continues with Wasteful Purchase

paperballotspulido.jpgCan you believe it?

The Hidalgo County Commissioner's Court spent $5,400,000 (5.4 million dollars) to purchase 854 election machines that were in storage because of a handshake approval over 9 months ago.

The machines hadn't even obtained state certification and the purchase was contingent upon Hart securing this, which didn't occur until late December of 2016, less than a month before the machines were dropped on our doorstep in early January.

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New Hidalgo County Courthouse Too Expensive, Poorly Planned

courthousenew.jpgOne of the biggest projects currently in the works for Hidalgo County is the proposed new Courthouse. Although I do agree with the need of a new Courthouse (in particular, a new Justice Center), I have many concerns about the current plans – the cost, the location and the lack of proper/competitive procurement practices.
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Issues Facing Hidalgo County

After much thought and prayer and the support of my family, I have decided that I will be a candidate for Hidalgo County Judge in the March 2018 Democratic Primary.

pulidocowboys3.jpgAs we each experience life’s journey, we are able to choose a path of righteousness based on the morals and values instilled in us by our parents and our culture.

It is our choices that will clearly reflect the values we embody as individuals. Service to our local community has always been my priority and I am proud to have served on the Edinburg School Board, as Hidalgo County Clerk and as Hidalgo County Judge.

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Hidalgo County Taxes and Payscale

pulidojudge2018-av5.jpgIn all my years in public service, I have been a good steward of the public trust and taxpayer money. After serving as Hidalgo County Clerk, I was elected Hidalgo County Judge and was immediately confronted with many serious problems facing the County.

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The Role of the Hidalgo County Judge

pulido-groundbreak-th.jpgMany of you might have wondered what the role of a County Judge actually is and what it takes to be an effective judge. It takes commitment, willingness to make hard decisions, having a vision and plan to meet future growth and development, the use of sound financial management and oversight, and the time to commit to governing one of the largest and fastest growing Counties in the State of Texas.

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Eloy Pulido: A History of Issue Oriented Change

Pulido-Press-Collage1.pngFormer Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido has a history of issue oriented success.  When he sees a problem, he develops a plan and then proceeds to solve the problem.  From crisis budget management when he first took office to building projects like the probation and restitution center, his goals, actions and successes have been well documented in the local press.  A selection of this public record will be available on Pulido’s new website which is set to formally launch this coming weekend.  The former Judge has begun releasing statements about current issues facing Hidalgo County in a lead up to Friday’s website unveiling so be sure to follow him at www.facebook.com/votepulido .