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Afllliations include (Past & Present):

Member TDH Commissioners‘ Council on Local Public Health
Member South Texas Redistricting Task Force
Member Texas Association of Counties Risk Management Pool
Member National Association of Social Workers
Member Texas Association of County
Member American Legion Post#40li
Member Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce
Member McAllen Chamber of Commerce

Besides serving as ECISD Board President, Hidalgo County Clerk and Hidalgo County Judge, Pulido has also held the following positions:

Chairman of the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board
Chairman of the Hidalgo County Elections Commission
Vice President of the Early Risers Lions Club
Chairmen Texas Border Colonies Advisory Committee on Prop. 2

Service as Judge of Hidalgo County:

As the 27th Hidalgo County Judge, Jose Eloy Pulido pursued a path of efficiency and a mission of serving the residents of Hidalgo County with effectiveness and with accountability. Judge Pulido took the helm of Hidalgo County Government in January of 1999. From the onset, Judge Pulido worked diligently towards developing a regional approach to problem solving. He initiated and hosted Quarterly Hidalgo County Mayors’ Summits to discuss issues that the cities have in common as well as developing collaborative solutions. Pulido was quoted as saying “I am confident that by having established local, state, and federal partnerships, we have produced positive results for the residents of this County,"

During Pulido’s term, County residents witnessed a dynamic transformation of Hidalgo County Government with Community based decision-making through Citizen Advisory Committees. Some of these included the Health Advisory Committee, Indigent Health Care Advisory Committee, Hidalgo County Veteran's Affairs Committee, and the Hidalgo County Employee Salary Study Committee. Pulido still believes that "Making government more accessible to the people is the only way to ensure transparency and accountability."

Upon taking office, Puliido was immediately confronted with many serious problems facing the County. With only $75,000 in the General Fund, it was close to an em
ergency situation that required immediate action. Hiring and wages were frozen. Travel was cut by 50%, purchasing was restricted and many other measures were implemented to drastically cut spending. Within three months, the budget was stabilized.

Another urgent problem was the over crowding of the County Jail. The Texas Commission on Jail Standards had been citing the Hidalgo County Jail for over crowding since 1992, causing the jail to operate with a conditional certificate and requiring that overcrowding be addressed by housing inmates in other facilities.

The County spent $2.1 Million in 1999 to house inmates in other jails around the state. By 2000, this cost was close to $4 Million. In order to pay the $48 Million to build a new jail, the County raised taxes 5 cents per $100 for the tax year 2001. The new jail would initially house 1200 inmates, with infrastructure for expansion to 2,000 beds.

Pulido was very committed to maintaining a conservative tax plan and to do what needed to be done to reduce County expenditures in an effort to keep county taxes low.

During his four-year tenure as County Judge, he was able to accomplish many other things as he was a dedicated full time judge. A few of these accomplishments include: Building a new County Jail, Building a new Juvenile Detention Center and a new Adult Restitution Center, hiring of additional deputies to patrol the rural areas of the county, reducing unemployment by developing a Work Development Board, Building a Veteran's Cemetery and a Retirement Home, Enforcing zoning requirements for infrastructure needs in colonias, Standardizing Employee Pay and Benefits, Creating the Hidalgo County Health Services District to be partially funded by proceeds from the tobacco industry lawsuit, aggressively working to attract new business and industry to Hidalgo County and many other significant accomplishments.

Pulido has a vision.  He sees a prosperous thriving Hidalgo County for all Citizens to call home. “I served as a full-time county judge because that's what our taxpayers deserve. I have a record of setting ambitious goals and accomplishing them while overseeing and maintaining a fiscally sound budget,” says Pulido. “I'm ready to do it again as your next County Judge.”