County Economic Development continued

... continued

Enterprise Zones should be created in high unemployment areas to offer tax incentives for business and industry that locate in the zones.  Instead of industry locating in Mexico with federal state and local incentives, zones should be created on this side of the border to serve the same purpose and offer the same incentives – without having to leave the country.  Areas of high unemployment with an employable population should be targeted.   Our area university with 67,000 students graduates 10 to 12 thousand students annually providing a highly employable work force for the enterprise zones and local development.

Colonias should also have special development zones like Harris County (Houston Area).   This would control areas of development instead of allowing developers to just randomly locate new colonias at their will, taxing resources and interrupting planned development.

Finally special economic “Ambassadors” should actively solicit new industry for Hidalgo County.

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