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Letter_to_Editor.jpgA Letter to The Editor Re Eloy Pulido recently published in the Monitor

This is in response to Ned Sheats’ ‘Over the hill gang’ letter. Pulido was put in a category of ‘Previous County Officials who were under criminal investigation’ – which he never EVER was! Connecting these two ideas is false and misleading.

I also disagree with the premise that if a person has served before, that they are ‘over the hill’. Previous experience can be a good thing – it is called institutional knowledge.

Sometimes, when things are not working, it is of great value to bring someone in who understands what is wrong, has a plan and knows how to fix it. Things like a $194 Million Budget, with property taxes rising dramatically every year as appraised values increase, but no reduction in our tax rate, just more money into the General Fund for a bigger Budget. Things like a $154 Million Courthouse with serious problems concerning location, cost, and a lack of proper/competitive procurement practices.

We need to immediately cut the tax rate by 10%, reduce waste and cut the budget by 10%, re-evaluate the need, location and cost of a new courthouse, and make sure that the threat of a Health care district tax is never brought before the taxpayers again – by adequately funding the indigent health care program. All of this needs to be done immediately, and then more the next year.

This is what Eloy Pulido is committed to doing. I don’t think these are bad things – it’s what our County needs right now. And re over the hill – Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Donald Trump are all older than Eloy – people with maturity, ideas and knowledge on how to get things done.
I support Eloy Pulido and I’m glad that he is running – his experience and knowledge are definite positives for me. By Leslie Gower - Pharr

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