First 100 Days' Priorities - Cut Taxes & Wasteful Spending, Courthouse, Health Care .....


Quite often I'm asked what would be my priorities if elected County Judge!

My answer is simple and straightforward:
1. Cut Current wasteful spending by evaluating and reducing the budget.
2. Cut County Tax Rate as soon as constitutionally possible.
3. Re-evaluate the need, location and cost of a new courthouse.
4. Make sure that the threat of the healthcare district tax is never brought before the taxpayers again and that the indigent health care program is adequately funded.

These priorities will be addressed my first 100 Days in office. Stay tuned for other priorities that will be addressed during the first year of a Pulido administration.

"We don't want to change the world. We just want to change Hidalgo County to make it a place that people can raise a family, make a living and not have to worry about losing their homes or property due to taxes!" - Eloy Pulido 4-11-17.

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