It Takes a Full Time County Judge



The County Judge is the Chief Administrator of the County and is paid an annual salary of $114,000 to do this job. The demands and responsibilities of overseeing sound fiscal operations, efficient delivery of services to the public and development and implementation of effective plans to meet current and future needs of the County require a Full Time County Judge.

As is his current commitment to Hidalgo County, when Eloy Pulido previously served as your County Judge, his usual workday began before 7:30 am with daily Staff meetings and went until at least 5:30 pm, while often attending meetings and making and receiving phone calls until after 9 pm. This is an actual weekly schedule of a typical work week as County Judge.

Although Pulido often worked 50 to 60 hour weeks as County Judge, many who have preceeded and succeeded him did not see this job as requiring a full time commitment. In many ways, being Chief Administrator of Hidalgo County is equivalent to running a $250 Million corporation – it is not a part time commitment - it requires Full Time attention and leadership.

Hidalgo County Deserves More – We deserve a Full Time County Judge!



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