The Role of the Hidalgo County Judge

pulido-groundbreak-th.jpgMany of you might have wondered what the role of a County Judge actually is and what it takes to be an effective judge. It takes commitment, willingness to make hard decisions, having a vision and plan to meet future growth and development, the use of sound financial management and oversight, and the time to commit to governing one of the largest and fastest growing Counties in the State of Texas.

In my many years of public service, I have demonstrated my ability to effectively serve as Hidalgo County’s next County Judge. The Role of County government is to provide services to the Rural areas of the County as well as providing services that require a centralized government.

County Government structures and responsibilities are spelled out in the Texas Constitution which makes Counties a functional agent of the State. Thus, Counties, unlike cities, are limited in their actions to areas of responsibility specifically spelled out in laws passed by the Legislature.

The development and management of the overall County budget is the responsibility of the Commissioners Court, as well as the management of many other department. These include public health and human services, personnel and budget, public transportation and Emergency Medical Service.

Some major areas of responsibility include:

Building and maintaining county roads –(no City, State or US)
Constructing and operating jails
Providing Law enforcement in rural areas
Operating and supporting the court system
Maintaining public records
Developing and supporting Regional Transportation systems
Collecting property taxes
Issuing vehicle registrations and transfers
Registering voters and Conducting Elections
Providing Health and Social Services to many poor residents
Facilitating Economic Development

My years in public service have proven my ability to identify current and future needs, to develop and implement effective solutions and to develop and manage a sufficient budget that also controls costs.

While serving on the Edinburg ISD Board Of Trustees, one of the most serious problems was safety of the children. There were many fights and altercations on the school grounds. We hired two shifts of security officers on patrol at all times that the children were in school. This effectively eliminated the problem of violence and fighting on campus.

I was next elected to serve as Hidalgo County Clerk. Within the first six months in office, we transformed the County Clerk’s Department into a modern and effective operation. We hired a full time accountant to oversee and review all the financial activity in the office. We upgraded the computer system for official records and vital statistics, and improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the reporting, scanning, searching and printing of documents and reports.

We also indexed all the vital statistics records from 1995 to the present and began the indexing of all the older records that had been previously recorded. These are just a few of the accomplishments and successes of my term as Hidalgo County Clerk.

Eloy Pulido, January 19, 2017

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