Oppose Hidalgo County Hospital District and Taxes

pulidoopposehospitaldistric.jpgMy position has not changed since we defeated the Hospital District in BOTH 2014 and 2016. We must continue to oppose all efforts to create a Hospital District in our County! We need to use Tobacco Settlement money to fund health care services for Hidalgo County!

To hand over total control to an appointed board with full taxing authority is not good governance. We need to lobby Congress to pass legislation that helps our hospitals obtain more funds for health care for the working poor, the uninsured and the undocumented. We need our State Legislature and Governor to Accept Medicaid Expansion. Hidalgo County lacks high paying jobs, leaving large number of people with no health insurance.

I know that a huge burden lies on those who provide health care services. Our leadership must stand up to the health care industry and lobby the State and the Federal government for additional funding, but do not increase taxes on the residents of Hidalgo County - find other ways.

The Prop 1 Health Care District is not the answer. We need creative solutions such as using our County Indigent Health Care money to leverage Federal Tobacco Settlement Money as is authorized by law. We need to look for more ways like this to meet County health care needs that do not increase our taxes. www.votepulido.com – Eloy Pulido February 11, 2017 votepulido.com

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