Proposed New Courthouse to be Built on Actively Flowing Riverbed


So they want to build the new Courthouse on an Underground Riverbed that is actively flowing just feet below the surface?

Even the original architect for the proposed courthouse advised against building the new courthouse where it is currently planned – saying that it was actually being built on top of a riverbed that is flowing just a few feet below the surface. Now, Shane Rankin, Executive Director of the South Texas Historical Museum has brought in experts who have determined these same serious issue about this particular location.

According to Rankin, in a June 18th Article in The Monitor, “Groundwater flows just feet under parts of the city. The high water-table has been creeping into the 1910 Hidalgo County Jail, recognized as a Texas Historic

Landmark, scarring the building. Rising damp, unwanted moisture seeping into a structure,plagues the historic site and caused its closing to the public in 2012.”

The Museum of South Texas History is located on the Hidalgo County Courthouse square, and sees the old county jail as a “cornerstone of the museum,” according to Rankin. “Edinburg was built on a dry lake bed,” she said.

The results of a recent geotechnical analysis of the courthouse square area paid for by the Museum stated that “Edinburg’s got an odd situation. When they just arbitrarily decided here is where they wanted to put the town in 1908, I don’t think they were thinking about or maybe aware of the ancient lake site. This contributes to drainage issues.” Water is currently standing in this old lake bed and has been for years – much of the bottom brick foundation of the Old jail is standing deep under the ground in this standing/flowing water from the lake bed.

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