Pulido Offers Experience and Success as Former County Judge

pulidosittingjudge2.jpgEloy Pulido brings his experience and his success with him from serving as Hidalgo County Judge in the past.  Since those successes, former Judge Pulido has continued to be an active voice in the local community.   Here are some of the highlights from Pulido’s former term as chief executive for Hidalgo County:

Key Accomplishments as County Judge (1999-2002)

  1. Helped Create 17,000 New Jobs
  2. Built a New County Jail and acquired Funds for a New Juvenile Detention Center
  3. Acquired the Highest Attainable Credit Rating for Hidalgo County
  4. Acquired Funding for Colonia Drainage & Road Improvements
  5. Acquired Funding for Veterans Cemetery & State Nursing Home
  6. Challenged the 2000 Census & Redistricting Outcomes Which [a] Brought Millions of  Dollars and [b]Brought Additional State and Federal Representation for Hidalgo County
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