Pulido Calls Upon VA for County Level Health Care For Veteran's


It is time for our Congress to dismantle this bureaucracy and let the states handle the issues with which our veterans are having to deal. (Medical, employment, housing, psychological, etc…)

The Federal government should decentralize Veterans Affairs such as the Clinton Administration did in 1994 with the Food Stamp program and the Unemployment Commission and hand it over to the States. The states can then fund county VAs proportionate to the number of veterans living in that County. Veterans can then seek the necessary services at the county level with a health care community that knows the veteran and their families.


On Monday, the President appointed his son in law, Jared Kushner, to head up a new white house office charged with finding innovative solutions to some of our biggest Federal nightmares. As Veteran’s Affairs was cited as one of the Federal Departments suffering the greatest dysfunction, Kushner is to focus on finding innovative solutions to overhaul the VA and remedy the disaster veterans currently experience everyday. However, as Kushner is already so marred in controversy, it will be difficult for him to focus on something so huge and so dysfunctional as the VA, yet so crucial and so integral to our veteran’s and their families.

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