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Cortez Clearly a Republican and Not a Democrat

Richard Cortez is clearly a strong Republican Party supporter contributing over $11,000 to Republicans over the last twelve years.  This information is all public record.    


Merry Christmas

As we near the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are reminded that we are to love one another and care about the well-being of the poor, homeless, the disabled and especially those that are serving our Country and are away from their families. From the love of our family to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Campaign Kickoff for Eloy Pulido, Democrat for County Judge!


It's here - my Kickoff and a fun evening with friends, supporters and family - special guest appearances by ROBERTO PULIDO Y LOS CLASICOS and Bobby Pulido. Master of Ceremony: Rock N Roll James. Bring your friends and family as my guests for some of the Pulido Family Style Music, Food, and Fun. Estoy Con Eloy! THE DEMOCRAT for County Judge!

Nov.02.17 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Sun Palace Dance Hall 3901 S. US Hwy 281. Edinburg, Tx

Fishing Tournament Sept. 30th. Join Us for Some Fun in the Sun!


2 Minute Video of Pulido Speaking on His Plan and Promise to the Voters

2 Minute Video of Eloy Pulido speaking to a group about his Plan and Promise to the Voters to Lower Taxes 10% to 15% within the first two years, Cut the Budget/Reduce Wasteful Spending and Give Rebates back to taxpayers in an amount equal to any increase in their taxes caused by increases in appraised property values. (Video 3 of 3)

2 Minute Video of Pulido Speaking on New Courthouse and Indigent Health Care Program

2 Minute Video of Eloy Pulido speaking to a group about his position regarding the serious problems with the proposed new Courthouse and the adequate funding of the Indigent Health Care Program. (Video 2 of 3)

2 Minute Video of Pulido Speaking on Jobs, New Industry, Enterpise Zones & High Taxes

2 Minute Video of Eloy Pulido speaking to a group about his position regarding Jobs, Recruitment of New Industries, Development of Enterprise Zones in rural areas of High Unemployment and High Property Taxes. (Video 1 of 3).


Ribbon Cutting for New Pct 4 Endowment Community Center


 The Grand Opening of the Hidalgo County Pct 4 Endowment Center.


 This multi purpose facility will serve the community of San Carlos and more importantly will serve as a resource center to educate the community in several areas especially Diet and the effects of diabetes. Congratulations Commissioner Palacios on a job well done w Commissioners Joseph Palacios, David Fuentes and Eduardo Cantu, Sheriff Eddie Guerra, Councilman Richard Molina, Judge Renee Rodriguez Betancourt, DA Ricardo Rodriguez, and UT-RGV VP Veronica Gonzalez and Eloy Pulido





Your Urgent Action Is Needed To Save Santa Ana

LA_Times_Crown_Jewel_Pic.jpegIt has taken so many years and great effort to obtain and dedicate these lands that form our very precious and fragile wildlife corridor - of which Santa Ana is a very integral link in this native wildlife preserve.

Of the many miles of border wall specified in Trump’s Border Wall plan, Santa Ana is targeted to be the very first section to be built. More than 92% of the targeted area along the border is privately owned and could be in litigation for years and Trump wants at least some part of the wall built immediately. As Santa Ana is Federally owned, it is 'easy pickings' and is ready to build. In fact, though Congress has not approved the funding of a Border Wall, in hopes that it is approved in the new budget, soil samples are currently being taken

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Meeting with West Hidalgo County Tejano Democrats

WHD_Tall.jpgTalking to the members of the WHC Tejano Democrats Saturday - I had a great time!


On this July 4th, God Bless America.


 On this very very special Day, we reflect upon our Country, our Democracy and our Freedoms.

Proposed New Courthouse to be Built on Actively Flowing Riverbed


So they want to build the new Courthouse on an Underground Riverbed that is actively flowing just feet below the surface?

Even the original architect for the proposed courthouse advised against building the new courthouse where it is currently planned – saying that it was actually being built on top of a riverbed that is flowing just a few feet below the surface. Now, Shane Rankin, Executive Director of the South Texas Historical Museum has brought in experts who have determined these same serious issue about this particular location.

According to Rankin, in a June 18th Article in The Monitor, “Groundwater flows just feet under parts of the city. The high water-table has been creeping into the 1910 Hidalgo County Jail, recognized as a Texas Historic

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Eloy Pulido Letter to the Editor

Letter_to_Editor.jpgA Letter to The Editor Re Eloy Pulido recently published in the Monitor

This is in response to Ned Sheats’ ‘Over the hill gang’ letter. Pulido was put in a category of ‘Previous County Officials who were under criminal investigation’ – which he never EVER was! Connecting these two ideas is false and misleading.

I also disagree with the premise that if a person has served before, that they are ‘over the hill’. Previous experience can be a good thing – it is called institutional knowledge.

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It Takes a Full Time County Judge



The County Judge is the Chief Administrator of the County and is paid an annual salary of $114,000 to do this job. The demands and responsibilities of overseeing sound fiscal operations, efficient delivery of services to the public and development and implementation of effective plans to meet current and future needs of the County require a Full Time County Judge.

As is his current commitment to Hidalgo County, when Eloy Pulido previously served as your County Judge, his usual workday began before 7:30 am with daily Staff meetings and went until at least 5:30 pm, while often attending meetings and making and receiving phone calls until after 9 pm. This is an actual weekly schedule of a typical work week as County Judge.

Although Pulido often worked 50 to 60 hour weeks as County Judge, many who have preceeded and succeeded him did not see this job as requiring a full time commitment. In many ways, being Chief Administrator of Hidalgo County is equivalent to running a $250 Million corporation – it is not a part time commitment - it requires Full Time attention and leadership.

Hidalgo County Deserves More – We deserve a Full Time County Judge!



Skeet Shoot - Meet and Greet! Sept 16th. Join Us & Have some Fun

This event is BOTH a Skeet Shoot and a MEET and GREET. As you know, campaigning is a very expensive and serious commitment, so I am asking for your financial support. We also invite our many friends, supporters and those who just want to get to know me better to come for the Meet and Greet. Join us Saturday morning as we Mix and Mingle, have some great food, music, door prizes and lots of fun! Hope to see you there.


Sanctuary City Bill (SB 4) Will Cost County Taxpayers Millions Each Year


This is a Federal Issue/Responsibility and not the financial responsibility of Hidalgo County Taxpayers.

SB 4 – The Sanctuary City Bill signed by Gov. Abbott last week will have an extreme impact, not just on social policy, but will also inflict a tremendous financial burden on Hidalgo County Taxpayers. Our current county jail has beds for 1,200 inmates. We are already overcrowded and as of April 2017, there were 390 inmates being housed in ‘Out of County facilities’ which are under contract with Hidalgo County.

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Thank You To The Members of the PTSD Initiative


Members of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Initiative are pictured here with me. Thank you Dr. Gilbert Lopez and Dr. Norma Villanueva for the work you are doing in this field.

Pulido Family Gathers to Discuss Upcoming Campaign



A Small portion of the Pulido Family.:-) We had a Beautiful Sunday evening with family discussing our upcoming campaign for County Judge. Learn more about the campaign through the links and blogs on this website.  Sharing the links and talking about the issues is how YOU can help us to get our message out. You can also visit our Facebook Page to learn more about the issues and often engage in lively discussions, ask questions and add your comments and input.

Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport - Go Vote!


Voting is probably the most cherished right we as citizens have – it gives us a way to participate in our government. Less than 20% of the Registered Voters actually exercise their right to vote. To live in a society where we are free to choose who we trust to manage our schools, cities, counties and our country is a great privilege.

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New Courthouse Plagued With Serious Problems


One of the biggest projects currently in the works for Hidalgo County is the proposed new 'Taj Mahal' - i.e. County Courthouse.

Although I do agree with the need of a new Courthouse (in particular, a new Justice Center), I have many concerns about the current plans – the cost, the location and the lack of proper/competitive procurement practices.
The proposed cost is $150 Million, though there are NO architectural designs to base a cost on – there is only a conceptual rendering by ERO architects – so nothing to actually determine a cost.

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First 100 Days' Priorities - Cut Taxes & Wasteful Spending, Courthouse, Health Care .....


Quite often I'm asked what would be my priorities if elected County Judge!

My answer is simple and straightforward:
1. Cut Current wasteful spending by evaluating and reducing the budget.
2. Cut County Tax Rate as soon as constitutionally possible.
3. Re-evaluate the need, location and cost of a new courthouse.
4. Make sure that the threat of the healthcare district tax is never brought before the taxpayers again and that the indigent health care program is adequately funded.

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Pulido Keynote Speaker at Weslaco High School JROTC Military Ball


We had an amazing time at the Weslaco High School JROTC Military Ball. Thank you to Staff Sergeant Miguel Guerrerro and Master Sergeant Mario Gonzalez - Senior Army instructors. Congratulations to all the awards recipients.

Pulido Calls Upon VA for County Level Health Care For Veteran's


It is time for our Congress to dismantle this bureaucracy and let the states handle the issues with which our veterans are having to deal. (Medical, employment, housing, psychological, etc…)

The Federal government should decentralize Veterans Affairs such as the Clinton Administration did in 1994 with the Food Stamp program and the Unemployment Commission and hand it over to the States. The states can then fund county VAs proportionate to the number of veterans living in that County. Veterans can then seek the necessary services at the county level with a health care community that knows the veteran and their families.


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TBT - 1996 RGV Get Out The Vote Swing


TBT  - Hidalgo County Clerk Eloy Pulido and Cameron County Clerk Joe G Rivera along with Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. and Mrs. Bob Bullock in a 1996 "get out the vote" swing through South Texas.

Taxes Must Be Lowered - 300 Foreclosures a Year Not Acceptable


I ran into a high school friend of mine with her mom yesterday and told her that I was running for the position of Hidalgo County Judge. She quickly said that we needed to do something about the taxes that were out of control -especially for the elderly. I explained to her about how people 65 yrs and older are exempt from the penalties. But even more importantly, we definitely need to lower the County tax rate. 

What breaks my heart is that over 300 families are losing their homes every year due to tax foreclosure - in Hidalgo County alone! This is unacceptable!!

Pulido - His Pledge and Committment to Our Veterans

Alfredo_Gonzalez_Veterans_Home_Marker.jpg Cementary_Entrance_Marker.jpg

pulido_w_veterans.jpg Cementary_Markers_w_flags_3.jpg

Many of you have asked where I stand with Veterans' Issues. I am a Viet Nam Era Air Force Veteran and have always worked hard for services for our County’s Veterans.  Veterans’ issues were one of my top priorities when I served as County Judge. Before my term was up, both a State Veteran's Nursing Home and a State Veteran's Cemetery were approved and construction was authorized. Today, we have the Alfredo Gonzalez Veteran’s Home and the RGV State Veteran’s Cemetery.

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Pulido Speaks at Democratic Party Executive Committee Meeting



A great time with a room full of so many good Democrats - saw lots of old friends and met many new ones!  Had an opportunity to talk to attendees about my platform and plans for Hidalgo County.  Also had a chance to hear from several other candidates when they were speaking to the CEC: Debbie Crane Aliseda, Sam Saldivar Jr., Larry Esparza and Cynthia Gutierrez.  Really enjoyed mingling and mixing with a group of such involved and engaged voters.


Grp_at_CEC.jpg  candidate_pic_at_cec.jpg

Pulido to Reduce Tax Rate - Mission Progress Times

Pulido_FB_Profile_Pic.jpgEloy Pulido in The Mission Progress Times:

As one of his campaign platforms Pulido said it is time to get the county’s skyrocketing spending under control. As an example he said the county budget his last year in office was $67.4 million and this year’s budget is $194 million.“In reality the county is getting smaller because more cities are annexing portions of it yet the budget is getting much bigger,” he said. “So it doesn’t make sense. You need to give it back to the people and reduce the tax rate.

Friday, 03 March 2017

Former Hidalgo County judge seeks reelection to former post

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Pulido Ready to Fix Shortcomings of Outgoing Hidalgo County Judge

taxincreases.jpgFormer Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido stand's ready to solve the well publicized short comings of the current County Judge's legacy. Read the following from Advance News...
County Judge Ramon Garcia will retire…Why haven’t our taxes gone down?
By G. Romero Wendorf | Originally published February 21, 2017
Excerpts from Advance News Journal

Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia made the official announcement last week that most in the know were already expecting: he’s retiring from elected office when his term expires Dec. 31, 2018. Now comes the interesting part: how many will choose to run against him in the Democratic Party Primary next March? ...

The biggest questions the county judge perhaps leaves behind include these…


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Pulido Candidacy Makes News Across Valley

 List of News Articles about Eloy Pulido for County Judgepulidocut2222navyblue.jpg

Valley Town Crier…/pulido-announces-candidacy…
McAllen Monitor…/article_6d30b49e-f57c-11e6-9ed0…
Brownsville Herald…/article_4e8f0984-f71e-11…
The Pharr Advance…/eloy-pulido-announces-candidacy…
The Edinburg Review…/pulido-announces-candidacy-…

 Former Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido confirmed last week that he appointed Manuel Chapa as his Campaign Treasurer in mid November. Since that time he has been actively campaigning for the position of Hidalgo County Judge, making him the first official candidate for the job.

Pulido has served as Hidalgo County Judge in the past and sees a lot of work to be done. “We need to lower taxes and try to recover from the runaway spending of the current administration. There are problems with the cost and location of the new courthouse and we need a clear plan for economic development in Hidalgo County.”

In the short few days since the announcement by Ramon Garcia that he would not run for reelection, Pulido’s candidacy has been covered by five of the Rio Grande Valley’s news sources: Valley Town Crier, The McAllen Monitor, The Brownsville Herald, The Pharr Advance, and The Edinburg Review.

Pulido Announces Run for County Judge



HIDALGO COUNTY, TX – Committed to public service, Eloy Pulido pledges to run for Hidalgo County Judge on his proven track record and to focus his campaign on the actual issues that affect Hidalgo County residents. Pulido says, “Our county is facing some serious issues and I'm ready to take them on.”  On November 15 of last year, Pulido filed the documents to appoint Manuel Chapa as his Campaign Treasurer and begin his campaign. Mr. Pulido will be running in the March 2018 Democratic Primary

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Oppose Hidalgo County Hospital District and Taxes

pulidoopposehospitaldistric.jpgMy position has not changed since we defeated the Hospital District in BOTH 2014 and 2016. We must continue to oppose all efforts to create a Hospital District in our County! We need to use Tobacco Settlement money to fund health care services for Hidalgo County!

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Hidalgo Voting Machine Folly Continues with Wasteful Purchase

paperballotspulido.jpgCan you believe it?

The Hidalgo County Commissioner's Court spent $5,400,000 (5.4 million dollars) to purchase 854 election machines that were in storage because of a handshake approval over 9 months ago.

The machines hadn't even obtained state certification and the purchase was contingent upon Hart securing this, which didn't occur until late December of 2016, less than a month before the machines were dropped on our doorstep in early January.

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New Hidalgo County Courthouse Too Expensive, Poorly Planned

courthousenew.jpgOne of the biggest projects currently in the works for Hidalgo County is the proposed new Courthouse. Although I do agree with the need of a new Courthouse (in particular, a new Justice Center), I have many concerns about the current plans – the cost, the location and the lack of proper/competitive procurement practices.
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Issues Facing Hidalgo County

After much thought and prayer and the support of my family, I have decided that I will be a candidate for Hidalgo County Judge in the March 2018 Democratic Primary.

pulidocowboys3.jpgAs we each experience life’s journey, we are able to choose a path of righteousness based on the morals and values instilled in us by our parents and our culture.

It is our choices that will clearly reflect the values we embody as individuals. Service to our local community has always been my priority and I am proud to have served on the Edinburg School Board, as Hidalgo County Clerk and as Hidalgo County Judge.

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Hidalgo County Taxes and Payscale

pulidojudge2018-av5.jpgIn all my years in public service, I have been a good steward of the public trust and taxpayer money. After serving as Hidalgo County Clerk, I was elected Hidalgo County Judge and was immediately confronted with many serious problems facing the County.

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The Role of the Hidalgo County Judge

pulido-groundbreak-th.jpgMany of you might have wondered what the role of a County Judge actually is and what it takes to be an effective judge. It takes commitment, willingness to make hard decisions, having a vision and plan to meet future growth and development, the use of sound financial management and oversight, and the time to commit to governing one of the largest and fastest growing Counties in the State of Texas.

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Eloy Pulido: A History of Issue Oriented Change

Pulido-Press-Collage1.pngFormer Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido has a history of issue oriented success.  When he sees a problem, he develops a plan and then proceeds to solve the problem.  From crisis budget management when he first took office to building projects like the probation and restitution center, his goals, actions and successes have been well documented in the local press.  A selection of this public record will be available on Pulido’s new website which is set to formally launch this coming weekend.  The former Judge has begun releasing statements about current issues facing Hidalgo County in a lead up to Friday’s website unveiling so be sure to follow him at .


Former Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido Speaks about Local Issues

pulido2018judge.jpgIn 1998 I was elected 27th County Judge for Hidalgo County, out of 5 candidates that were vying for that position. We had a vision that included plans to address a whole host of issues that included jail overcrowding, lack of security in rural areas, high unemployment, veteran issues, colonias infrastructure needs, transportation infrastructure needs, employees pay and benefits and numerous other issues.

As a new County Judge and a majority incoming commissioner’s court I knew that it was going to require working long hours and more importantly working together in order to be able to serve those who had put their trust in us.

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Pulido Offers Experience and Success as Former County Judge

pulidosittingjudge2.jpgEloy Pulido brings his experience and his success with him from serving as Hidalgo County Judge in the past.  Since those successes, former Judge Pulido has continued to be an active voice in the local community.   Here are some of the highlights from Pulido’s former term as chief executive for Hidalgo County:

Key Accomplishments as County Judge (1999-2002)

  1. Helped Create 17,000 New Jobs
  2. Built a New County Jail and acquired Funds for a New Juvenile Detention Center
  3. Acquired the Highest Attainable Credit Rating for Hidalgo County
  4. Acquired Funding for Colonia Drainage & Road Improvements
  5. Acquired Funding for Veterans Cemetery & State Nursing Home
  6. Challenged the 2000 Census & Redistricting Outcomes Which [a] Brought Millions of  Dollars and [b]Brought Additional State and Federal Representation for Hidalgo County

Former Judge Pulido Begins Outlining Issues Facing Hidalgo County

pulido-post1.jpgAs the New Year approaches and 2016 draws to a close, former Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido began outlining the most serious issues facing the area and its residents.  Pulido has established a web page dedicated to these issues where the public can easily read (and even comment on) his positions.  The current hot point in the issues list is the "New County Courthouse" and important questions that need to be asked regarding its development.   The former Judge also speaks to basic issues like the "Role of a County Judge" and the need to put the residents first without any self aggrandizement.  "Economic Development" and how to bring new business into the area with more jobs for residents is another key issue discussed.  To visit the new page click here:   Issues Page

Parking for new Hidalgo County courthouse, drainage questioned

Text Reprinted from McAllen Monitor:
Eloy Pulido – Monitor Board of Contributors – Dec 13, 2016

justice5Finalping.pngBack when I was a young boy, the Hidalgo County Courthouse was open for half a day on Saturdays. It was the perfect place for my grandmother, Porfiria Guerra, to sell her tamales. She sold them for 50 cents a dozen and they were the best in town. We would walk to the courthouse, sell tamales, and then ride the elevator up to the fifth floor, stand on a chair and look out the window as far as the eye could see. It was our biggest thrill.

Now several decades later, Hidalgo County has outgrown the courthouse due to additional courts and a population increase, which requires additional services. Of course, with the growth came a problem that plagues any area that experiences an increase of traffic flow and that is the need for additional personnel parking.


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