Pulido Ready to Fix Shortcomings of Outgoing Hidalgo County Judge

taxincreases.jpgFormer Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido stand's ready to solve the well publicized short comings of the current County Judge's legacy. Read the following from Advance News...
County Judge Ramon Garcia will retire…Why haven’t our taxes gone down?
By G. Romero Wendorf | Originally published February 21, 2017
Excerpts from Advance News Journal

Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia made the official announcement last week that most in the know were already expecting: he’s retiring from elected office when his term expires Dec. 31, 2018. Now comes the interesting part: how many will choose to run against him in the Democratic Party Primary next March? ...

The biggest questions the county judge perhaps leaves behind include these…


• Is building a new courthouse in downtown Edinburg (estimated cost: approximately $150 million, give or take a few $10 million added for new vendors, not counting consultants) still the right decision as opposed to re-locating it along the expressway and/or putting it to a popular vote as to whether there should even be a new courthouse vs. remodeling and/or expanding the present one?
• Despite there being an approximate 20-percent development increase countywide over the past approximate 12 years, why has the county’s tax rate not gone down?
• Despite county property appraisals going up four or five times over the past eight or nine years, with each one averaging approximately 15 percent, why have county property taxes not decreased?
• Despite the county’s budget being approximately $67 million in 2002 vs. approximately $194 million today, could a full-scale Capital Improvement Plan have been implemented over the past 15 years?
• Why did the county need to add approximately 45 new employee positions to this year’s budget?
• Is the county’s indigent health program being adequately funded?
• Could taxpayer dollars be used more wisely and more efficiently?
• If Hidalgo County has one general county budget, why do each of the four precincts need their own separate budgets? Is it to promote efficiency and cost savings to taxpayers or a means of fiefdom building for elected officials and amassing a pool of potential campaign donors?
• Should Hidalgo County road improvements and construction be put under one county road and bridge building department, overseen by the entire county commission, or remain spread among four county precinct road and bridge building teams led by their respective precinct commissioners? If the county would have its own in-house engineering firm, for example, would it save taxpayers money as opposed to dishing the engineering work out to an independent firm(s)?
• Questions, questions, questions?
• Is there a better, more efficient, more equitable way for the county’s purchasing department to grade RFPs before makings its recommendation to the county commission?

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