Your Urgent Action Is Needed To Save Santa Ana

LA_Times_Crown_Jewel_Pic.jpegIt has taken so many years and great effort to obtain and dedicate these lands that form our very precious and fragile wildlife corridor - of which Santa Ana is a very integral link in this native wildlife preserve.

Of the many miles of border wall specified in Trump’s Border Wall plan, Santa Ana is targeted to be the very first section to be built. More than 92% of the targeted area along the border is privately owned and could be in litigation for years and Trump wants at least some part of the wall built immediately. As Santa Ana is Federally owned, it is 'easy pickings' and is ready to build. In fact, though Congress has not approved the funding of a Border Wall, in hopes that it is approved in the new budget, soil samples are currently being taken

and areas closed off - as this very unique and protected environment is deemed 'shovel ready' and will be the first section built.

165,000 people visit Santa Ana NWR every year. These visitors contribute to a tourist economy that brings nearly $500 million to the Rio Grande Valley annually.

Santa Ana is one of the most biodiverse refuges in the United States, home to endangered ocelots, jaguarondi, coyote, bobcats, armadillo and over 400 bird species, making it one of the top birding destinations in the world.

The Secretary of Homeland Security has the power to waive any and all laws to speed up border wall construction. This includes the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act.

House Republicans have included more than a billion dollars of funding for border walls, including the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge wall, into a Defense spending bill that could be voted on as soon as next week. Please call your US Representative and both US Senators and tell them to change these plans and save the Santa Ana Refuge – often called the ‘crown jewel of the national wildlife refuge system’. Phone calls have a much greater impact than emails.

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